Obviously, I love this endcard. It is just so cute and so Reigisa

Like of course Nagisa would stubbornly be trying to toss Rei over his shoulders, even though he’s tiny next to him. And of course Rei would be just kind of there like, “Nagisa you don’t have to” and Nagisa all flushed and staining with his eyes shut, refusing to give up, while Rei just looks at him like you precious cutie trying so hard

And yay this is the closest physical contact we’ll probably ever get :P


What do you mean this didn’t happen.


rei being jealous of nagisa’s “-chan” habit ♥



Here’s my part of the art trade between kglittlespace and I.

She wanted something called a ‘belly fart’ between Rei and Nagisa … the idea is originally from this comic.
(be sure to click the picture for a bigger/better image)

Here is her part of the art trade ^^


i love how in every recent piece of swimming anime art rei has been some variation “ah yes look how cute nagisa is you’re such a ray of sunshine” and nagisa has been like “HOLD MY HAND YOU PIECE OF SHIT”

come on rei just go for it you’re SO CLOSE


this would probably hurt sousuke’s shoulder pretty badly, i’m so sorry baby

I saw this post and had to draw something for it… i went a bit overboard tho


Noiz is conflicted